SQL secure

New in SQLsecure 2.5

bullet Ability to globally identify SQL server permissions and over time track the changes made to the server objects and provide reports to the auditors
bullet Save an Assessment of the server security report card that identifies the risks associated with regulations like (CIS,SRR,SOX,HiPAA) and track the changes with an assessment comparison report
bullet Updated Security templates
bullet CIS – Center for Internet Security to version 1.1.0 (SQL 2000,2005)
bullet DOD- Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guide- updated to version 8.1 for SQL server 2000,2005
bullet Support for SQL Server 2008 (console, repository & management server)

New in SQLsecure 2.0

bullet Policies – checks over 60 key security standards across your entire enterprise. Contains built in policies from NIST, DISA, CIS, and others. Or you can create your own.
bullet Dashboard – allows you to check and see where your enterprise of SQL Servers stands at a glance. Drill down into the details of the issues. See how to remediate problems.
bullet Alerts – upon collection assesses your security state the according to your standards and alerts you if anything fails to meet that standard.
bullet Database Roles Permission Explorer – view sub-roles, role members, assigned and effective permissions.
bullet SQL Server Files, Directories, and Registry Settings – browse and analyze all files, directories and registry settings associated with SQL Server and determine ownership as well as explicit and inherited security rights.
bullet Services – show security details of services such as logon and configuration.
bullet SQL Server Surface Area and Protocols – disables unused components to reduce exploit risks.
bullet OS Security Analysis – assess the OS setup to identify issues that would compromise SQL Server security.
bullet Security Scorecard – lists potential security concerns on your SQL Servers such as cross database chaining and gives you the ability to drill down to view the full details.
bullet Reporting Enhancements – includes new comprehensive risk assessment report, many new reports, and enhancements to all reports. Added charts for visualization. Allows you to group servers in the reports by policy group containment.

New in SQLsecure 1.2

bullet Detailed effective rights analysis: Enhancements to effective rights analysis to show you how and where each right is granted, making it easy to pinpoint exactly what changes need to be made in order to close security holes
bullet Security scorecard: A summary list of potential security concerns on your SQL servers which gives you the ability to drill down to view the full details
bullet Windows Account analysis: New Windows Accounts tab which shows all logins on the target server, as well as any unresolved Windows accounts or groups
bullet Enhanced Reporting: 10+ new built-in Reports designed to support compliance and standards reporting requirements, such as ISO and COBIT
bullet Enhanced usability: User Interface enhancements to simplify common tasks and put more information at your fingertips
bullet Additional collection settings: Enhanced collection wizard to give you more control over what data is collected on your servers



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