SQL safe backup - NEW 6.0 release

SQL Server backup compression with network fault tolerance and zero impact encryption

Product Highlights
bullet Fast, compressed & encrypted backup and restore
bullet Compress files by up to 95%
bullet Save time – at least 50% faster than native backups
bullet Central management of backups enterprise-wide

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Idera’s SQL safe backup provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server. SQL safe saves money by reducing database backup time by up to 50% over native backups and reducing backup disk space requirements by up to 95%.

SQL safe also enables complete 'hands-free' automated backup of your entire SQL Server infrastructure and ensures compliance with your organisation’s backup and recovery policies.

From implementations with a few SQL servers to enterprises with thousands of servers spread around the globe, SQL safe is the only SQL Server backup and recovery solution that scales to meet the challenge

Maximise backup file compression
SQL safe backup’s new patent-pending IntelliCompress2™ technology continually samples system resource usage and automatically adjusts the compression level to ensure the best compression given the state of the environment.
Reduces backup time dramatically
SQL safe backup contains highly advanced compression, disk writing and multi-threading technologies that dramatically increase the speed of backup execution. Reducing backup time increases the available window in which to perform other critical SQL Server maintenance activities.
Accelerates mean time to recovery
SQLsafe has been engineered to perform well when you most need it – in an emergency recovery situation. With SQLsafe’s innovative IntelliRestore™ graphical point-in-time recovery, DBAs simply use a sliding time scale to select a recovery point and SQLsafe automatically assembles all the backup components necessary to restore the database to the specified point in time.
Reduces failures due to network glitches
SQL safe backup greatly reduces the possibility of a failure due to a network problem. If a temporary network outage occurs, SQL safe backup will simply pause and pick up where it left off once the network is back online.
Ensures compliance with corporate backup policies
SQLsafe offers unique policy-based backup management, which enables DBAs to define and automate a backup schedule across multiple servers and databases. This greatly simplifies the task of setting up and managing backup schedules, and provides exception reporting to highlight any backup jobs that did not complete as scheduled.


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