SQLsafe - What's New


New in SQLsafe Version 5.0

  • Log Shipping – Save on disk space, network bandwidth and restore time by compressing backup files in your log shipping environment. SQL safe backup also actively monitors the primary and secondary servers to notify you if they exceed their defined latency interval.
  • FIPS Compatible 256-bit Encryption - AES 256-bit encryption support that is compatible with the Federal Information processing Standard (FIPS)

SQLsafe Version 4.8 included:

  • Alerting – Monitor backup and recovery operations and send an alert (email or event log) in the case of a failed or missed backup.
  • Enhancements to Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Groom backup files from TSM by marking them inactive, which allows TSM expiration processing to permanently delete them.
    • Retrieve a backup file from TSM and copy it directly to disk making it easier to restore files across TSM nodes
  • Support SQL Server 2008 – Provide backup and recovery support for SQL Server 2008.

New in SQLsafe Version 4.7

  • Backup Mirroring – Quickly and easily write duplicate backup files to different locations during a single backup operation.
  • Policy Enhancements
    • Jobs created as a result of policy creation now use the SQLsafe command-line interface rather than the extended stored procedures.
    • Instance/database selection has been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility in the selection of which databases to include in the policy.
    • Policies now support striped and mirrored backup locations.
  • Command-line Interface (CLI) Enhancements
    • Support for multiple databases and special wildcard keywords enable SQLsafe to backup more than a single database per single CLI command.
    • A new ‘Exclude’ parameter allows users to easily specify which databases to exclude from an operation.
    • Skip performing certain operations or ignore invalid parameter. For instance SQLsafe will skip backing up databases that are ‘offline’, will not perform T-Log backups of databases that are in simple mode, and will ignore the object level recovery flag if backing up system databases.

  • Tivoli Storage Manager Enhancements – Provide backup and restore capabilities for Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5.

New in SQLsafe Version 4.6

  • Support for SQL Server 2000 (32-bit) on x64 – Provide backup and restore capabilities for SQL Server 2000 (32-bit) on the x64 platform.
  • Support Tivoli Storage Manager version 5.4 – Provide backup and restore capabilities for Tivoli Storage Manager version 5.4.

New in SQLsafe Version 4.5

  • Object Level Recovery – Save valuable time in recovery situations by quickly and easily restoring only the specific table you need rather than waiting to restore the entire database.
  • Vista Support - You can now deploy the Management Console on a computer running the Microsoft Vista operating system.
  • Enhanced 64-bit support – Now you can run all components of SQLsafe on 32- or 64-bit hardware and in mixed environments. The SQLsafe Backup Agent and SQLsafe Repository previously offered this support.

New In SQLsafe Version 4.0

  • Policy-based backup – Backup policies allow you to define and automate a backup schedule across servers and databases and monitor backup jobs to ensure they are executed as specified.
  • IntelliRestore™ graphical point-in-time recovery – Using a sliding time scale, choose a point in time, and SQLsafe will automatically assemble all the backup components necessary to restore the database to the specified point in time.
  • Enhanced Management Console – New and improved Management Console with enhanced capabilities and usability.
  • Multiple database restore – Quickly restore multiple databases at once using a simple restore wizard.
  • Support for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition – Provide backup and restore capabilities for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.
  • Advanced backup options for SQL Server 2005 – Extended support for the new SQL Server 2005 backup options.


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