bullet Generates TSQL scripts to move logins and
permissions from one server to another
bullet Moves either a single log-in or group of logins
bullet Generates permissions on a single database or
across all databases
bullet Provides a simple view of logins and permissions

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Would you like to know 'who can do what' or 'who has done what' on your SQL Servers and databases?

If you are looking for advanced tools to manage security and compliance on your SQL servers, then check out SQL compliance manager and SQLsecure.

SQL compliance manager tells you who did what, when and how by providing powerful, low-impact auditing, alerting and compliance reporting on activity across multiple SQL servers.

SQL compliance manager gives you:

bullet Powerful auditing of virtually all SQL Server user activity
bullet Flexible collection filters to gather only the data you need
bullet Customizable alerts to notify you of suspect user activity
bullet Self-auditing features guarantee an immutable source of audit data
bullet Comprehensive reporting to satisfy audit requirements

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SQLsecure analyzes users’ permissions across SQL Server, Active Directory and Windows to tell you exactly who can access what on your SQL servers.

SQLsecure helps you:

bullet View user and group effective access rights
bullet View inherited rights on server or database objects
bullet Highlight concerns such as suspect Windows accounts
bullet Track changes to your SQL Server security model
bullet Satisfy audit requirements with entitlement reports

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