SQL mobile manager

Manage & monitor SQL Servers from a Windows or Blackberry mobile device

Product Highlights

  • Manage SQL Servers from a PDA or cell phone
  • See real-time performance metrics
  • Take action to quickly fix issues

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SQL mobile manager is now available as a component of SQL diagnostic manager.

SQL mobile manager is a mobile management console for Microsoft SQL Server. This product enables you to securely manage your SQL Server environments from a remote location using a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device. Easy to install and use, SQL mobile manager provides powerful diagnostics and remediation capabilities enabling you to assure the performance and availability of your SQL Server environment.

Key Benefits

Reduces Downtime
SQL mobile manager instantly notifies you of problems with your SQL Server infrastructure. Powerful diagnostic and management functions enable rapid response and remediation dramatically reducing downtime for your SQL Server infrastructure

Reduce Support Costs
Rapid response to individual incidents reduces the time spent on support activities. The ability to proactively manage your SQL Server infrastructure from remote locations reduces the requirement for on-site visits.

Peace of Mind
SQL mobile manager provides anytime, anywhere access to your SQL Server Environment. Anytime you want to actively check the status of a SQL Server, say during periods of heavy load, or when critical jobs are running, the information is immediately at your fingertips.



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