SQL mobile manager

Manage & monitor SQL Servers from a Windows or Blackberry mobile device

What's New

Now available as part of SQL diagnostic manager

New in Version 3.6

  • Support for SQL Server 2008 – Provide monitoring and repository support for SQL Server 2008.
  • Granular Server Refresh Capabilities – More granular scheduled refresh intervals allow the product to perform scheduled refreshes at the desired frequency or be turned off entirely. When turned off, the product will only connect to monitored SQL Servers during manual real-time analysis and diagnostics.
  • New License Key Manager – Simplified license key entry can be performed via the configuration screen.

New in Version 3.5

  • SQL mobile manager now has a SQL Server backend repository
  • Data collection has been streamlined and provides a 25% performance increase
  • Store custom scripts on both BlackBerry Smartphones and Windows Mobile Devices
  • New, simple installation gets you up and running faster than ever
  • The Add Servers interface on Blackberry devices now includes an intuitive, sorted grid to get you up and running faster than ever


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