SQL mobile manager

Manage & monitor SQL Servers from a Windows or Blackberry mobile device

Technical Features

Real-time monitoring

  • View real-time SQL Server Performance metrics, including external system load, network traffic, CPU and memory subsystem, SQL input/output load and disk RAID/NAS/SAN subsystems
  • View SQL Server and Operating System event logs. Search logs by Date, Event ID, Severity, Source, Text Message
  • View history of over 60 performance metrics including: Disk I/O performance, Network traffic performance, Operating system performance, Processor load and performance, Memory Usage, Data and log growth…
  • View SQL Server process status information including: Blocked and Blocking, CPU usage, Disk usage, Open transactions, Exclusive locks, Currently executing TSQL. 

Alerting and Notification

  • Over 60 user-configurable alerts including Long Running Jobs, Failed Jobs, Blocking Processes and Stopped Services. All alerts and an audit trail of all actions taken through SQL mobile manager are logged for 30 days
  • An easy-to-use alert wizard dynamically adjusts the alert thresholds based on a monitored servers historical performance metrics
  • SQL mobile manager’s award winning help provides detailed information about each SQL mobile manger view and offers helpful suggestions for reducing bottlenecks and improving performance. 

Management and Administration

  • Take action on any SQL Server in your infrastructure, including executing TSQL, executing any “cmd” , starting and stopping services and rebooting servers
  • Quickly and easily start or stop a job or agent. Customize the Agent Jobs view to see only running jobs or failed/cancelled jobs.


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