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View and Manage SQL Server Jobs

Product Highlights

View and manage SQL Server jobs across multiple servers from a central point of control
Easily find and fix job contention, simply drag and drop to rearrange or reschedule jobs
Drag and drop jobs across servers to level workloads
Quickly identify failed or runaway jobs with an ’at a glance’ view of job history
Requires no agents

SQL job manager is Idera's next generation solution for scheduling and managing SQL Server jobs across the enterprise. Designed specifically to eliminate the time-consuming and tedious administrative activities associated with cross-server job management, SQL job manager enables organizations to streamline the process of SQL Server job management, dramatically reducing job failure rates and administrator overheard while increasing performance and availability.

SQL job manager console
SQL job manager Console

Key Benefits

Reduce database administration operations costs
Dramatically reduce the manual labor required to perform SQL Server job management – providing DBAs with more time to proactively manage their SQL Server environment rather than handling mundane job management tasks.

Improve application performance
SQL job manager provides a view into across your entire SQL Server infrastructure enabling DBA’s to quickly and easily identify and rectify performance problems associated with job contention.

Optimize Hardware
View jobs across a SQL Server infrastructure and more easily level workloads and balance jobs across servers to ensure optimum use of system resources.

Deploy rapidly
Requires no agents to be installed on SQL Server database machines, enabling SQL job manager to be installed in minutes. The familiar Outlook 2007 style interface eliminates the need for specialized training.


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