SQL diagnostic manager

What's New in SQL diagnostic manager

New in Version 6.1

  • NEW Cluster Monitoring – Quickly respond to cluster failovers with our new cluster monitoring alerts. Be notified when the active node of a clustered server changes or the SQL Server active node is not the preferred configuration. Eliminate the need for an additional cluster monitoring solution for SQL Server.
  • NEW Deadlock Monitoring (SQL 2005/2008 only) – Receive notification about deadlocks, no matter when they occur. SQL diagnostic manager will then show you the deadlock details which can be exported to a deadlock XML (.xdl) file.
  • Enhanced Replication Monitoring – Track performance in your replication environment with our revised and enhanced monitoring method and new management view. View the overall replication environment topology and key replication performance metrics.
  • Custom Reports – Ability to create a custom report where you can pick multiple metric values and each is charted individually

New in Version 6.0

  • Automated Problem Resolution and Alert Integration – Automatically take corrective action in response to receiving an alert saving time and improving productivity. A few examples include:
    • Perform backup to truncate logs in response to an alert the log file is full
    • Turn on Query Monitor in response to high SQL Server CPU usage
    • Launch a particular program to synchronize alerts with a help desk or other monitoring application
  • Reports 2.0 – New reporting interface, as well as enterprise and server summary reports, forecasting reports, interactive drill-down, automatic integration with SQL Server Reporting Services, and Email Scheduling.
  • Monitor Database Mirroring Environment – Monitor mirrored databases and notify users of changes in role or performance issues affecting their mirroring environment.
  • PowerShell Snapin – Quickly and easily script many of the SQL diagnostic manager management tasks using the new PowerShell Snapin.





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