SQL defrag manager

Automated fragmentation management

Product Highlights

bullet Automates analysis of index fragmentation levels
bullet Identifies fragmentation “hot spots”
bullet NEW Proactively checks system resources prior to performing defragmentation
bullet Takes action to defragment indexes automatically, or at user discretion
bullet Provides central management and detailed reporting

SQL defrag manager is a one-of-a-kind solution that automates the time-consuming process of finding and fixing database index fragmentation issues across multiple SQL Servers. SQL defrag manager improves server performance by analyzing database index fragmentation levels in real-time, pinpointing fragmentation "hot spots" and taking action to defragment automatically, or at your command.

SQL defrag manager is simple to install, configure and use across all your SQL Servers, from one server to an enterprise-scale implementation. DBAs view activity in real-time, quickly exposing fragmentation hot spots. SQL defrag manager provides three methods for performing fragmentation analysis or defragmentation: scheduled, semi-automated using a to-do list, and ad-hoc. SQL defrag manager provides reports and metrics from the enterprise level down to individual indexes.

SQL defrag manager Console

Key Benefits

Improve SQL Server Performance
As index fragmentation increases over time, performance degrades, response times slow, and I/O suffers. SQL defrag manager continuously monitors fragmentation levels and takes automated action to resolve fragmentation issues, resulting in better, more consistent server performance.

Automated Analysis
SQL defrag manager performs automated analysis of key fragmentation metrics to quickly pinpoint fragmentation hot spots, those areas where fragmentation is severely hindering performance.

Proactive, Intelligent System Resource Awareness
SQL defrag manager now provides the DBA with the ability to check the utilization of key system indicators prior to executing the defragmentation. This gives the DBA an added benefit of making sure that the policy is able to run as scheduled and avoid any potential system problems or application bottlenecks.

Customisable Remediation
SQL defrag manager provides three levels of automation for performing defragmentation:


  • Automated: SQL defrag manager automatically takes action according to user-specified parameters and fragmentation levels
  • Semi-automated: SQL defrag manager generates to-do list items to highlight fragmentation problem areas. You can then address the issues how and when you want with the click of a button.


  • Ad-hoc: You can initiate fragmentation analysis manually, and initiate remediation actions at your own discretion.

Centralised Management
The SQL defrag manager management console provides a real-time window into fragmentation levels, and the ability to view and manage defragmentation activity across hundreds of servers and thousands of databases.

Comprehensive Reporting
SQL defrag manager provides comprehensive reporting of analysis and defragmentation activity, giving DBAs and managers the information they need to ensure that database performance is continuously optimized.







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