SQL defrag manager

What's New in SQL defrag manager 2.5

  • Proactive Resource Verification – Proactively monitor critical system resources to ensure they are within acceptable limits prior to beginning the defragmentation
  • Policy Monitoring and Alerting – Continuous monitoring of system policies and notifications in the event of defragmentation success, failure or delay due to resource usage
  • SQL Server 2008 support

What's New in SQL defrag manager 2.0

New options for managing defragmentation

  • Support for new SQL Server 2005/2008 defragmentation options
    • Online Re-index (for SQL Server Enterprise Edition)
    • Sort in tempdb
  • Trigger defragmentation based on either fragmentation percentage or scan density
  • Prioritize defragmentation processes based on fragmentation level, page density, or index size
  • Limit the number of defrag operations to the “top x” worst indexes
  • Customize remediation actions based on index size
  • Define a “Hard Stop” Time so defrag operations will not run past scheduled intervals
  • Customize frequency of defragmentation analysis to keep data up to date without wasting server resources

Policy-based Automation/Scheduling

  • Defragmentation policies can be applied at the server, database or index level to apply the same defragmentation management policy to multiple objects all at once. Changing the policy changes the defragmentation approach across all objects simultaneously
  • Policies allow for flexible customization including all of the new defragmentation management options listed above

Auto-Discovery of SQL Server indexes

  • As databases, tables and indexes are created or deleted over time, SQL defrag manager automatically adds new objects and drops deleted objects on a daily basis

Remote Repository

  • Support installations that use a remote SQL Server repository (from the service)

Built-in reports

  • 10+ new built-in reports based on SQL Server Reporting Services

GUI enhancements

  • Improved ease of use

What's New in SQL defrag manager 1.3

SQL Server Authentication - allowing companies that use SQL Server Authentication to use SQL defrag manager more effectively. This is particularly helpful in cross-domain and firewalled environments


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