SQL comparison toolset

Quickly identify and synchronize data and object changes

Product Highlights
   Perform object and data comparisons and synchronizations 
Capture schema snapshots to preserve change history
Automate synchronization via command-line
Customize environment using workspaces and saved comparison options
Support SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008

Idera's SQL comparison toolset is a set of products that perform object and data comparison, as well as synchronization. No need to purchase two separate products…get both in a single toolset! The tools are easy-to-use and can save hours of development time and make object and data comparison and synchronization quick and easy.

Who should use SQL comparison toolset?

SQL Server database administrators, developers, testers that need a quick, easy and reliable way to compare and synchronize databases.

What can SQL comparison toolset do for you?

Rather than spending hours of time digging through and scrutinizing the database structure and/or data and manually generating scripts, you can let SQL comparison toolset do it for you!

   Compare the structure of databases, including objects and data

   Display the differences in an easy-to-use and understand interface

   Generate a single synchronization script covering both the schema and data changes, reducing errors that happen when performed manually

   Execute the generated script to synchronize databases, for example, when moving database changes from test to production

   Automate the process of database migration, synchronization and promotion using a powerful command-line interface

"To keep a system running smoothly it’s critical to quickly identify and manage schema and data changes in your databases. SQL comparison toolset does this quickly, easily, and accurately. It’s a great addition to any SQL Server DBAs’ toolset."
- Joe Lax, President of DB Directions, Inc.


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