SQL comparison toolset

Key Technical Features

Compare and Synchronise

  • Object compare: Quickly compare and synchronize whole databases or selected objects.
  • Data compare: Easily compare and synchronize selected tables.
  • Schema Snapshots: maintain a history (audit trail) of the schema changes and also provide a very efficient and safe way for reversing schema changes when necessary.
  • Robust object support: Supports all database objects including tables, stored procedures, views, user-defined functions, XML schema collections and CLR Assemblies, as well as data.
  • Ready to deploy scripts: generate a complete databases script, properly ordered based on the dependencies between the objects.
  • Cross version comparison and synchronization: Comparison and synchronization scripts are version specific and synchronization can occur between two different SQL Server versions.
  • Robust object filters: Comparison filters can include/exclude particular object types of object name.


  • Workspace: create different workspaces for different sets of servers and databases so that next time you just load the workspace and jump straight into a comparison.
  • Comparison Sessions: allows you to save all the selections you have made like the types of objects you would like to include in the comparison, and the comparison options you have selected.
  • Unattended comparison and synchronization: automate data or schema comparison and synchronization operations using the command-line utility.



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