SQL compliance manager

New in Version 3.1

bullet Enterprise, New Data Auditing - SQL compliance manager now enables auditing of data changes on any table so you can compare before and after data values resulting from inserts, updates and deletions.
bullet New System Alerts – SQL compliance manager now displays system alerts if any agent services within your SQL compliance manager installation experience issues, making it easy to identify and resolve any problems that could interrupt collection of audit data.
bullet Enhanced Reports - SQL compliance manager now allows you to quickly and easily generate reports for periods of time relative to the current date, such as today, yesterday, this week, this month, and more.
bullet Support for Windows Server 2008 - SQL compliance manager now supports Windows Server 2008. You can install any product component on computers running Windows Server 2008.
bullet Support for SQL Server 2008 pre-RTM releases - SQL compliance manager now offers experimental support of SQL Server 2008 (pre-RTM releases). You can host the Repository databases on a SQL Server 2008 instance and audit activity from multiple SQL Server 2008 instances across your enterprise.

New in Version 3.0

bullet Enterprise, Server and Database Activity Scorecards – Summarizes key info at a glance such as alerts, failed logins, privileged user activity, overall activity and more
bullet Auditing thresholds - Customizable warnings to visibly alert you when server activity exceeds normal levels.
bullet Auditing templates – provides XML file import and export with audit rules, event filters, and alerts. These files can be used as common templates, in automation, and shared amongst the user community. Idera will distribute sample templates that you can import to address common auditing needs.
bullet Enhanced reporting - Reporting Services viewer built right into the console
bullet Brand new console design - New look based on Microsoft Office 2007 “ribbons” design
bullet Custom Views – easily create and save custom views into audited activity
bullet Trusted User – allows you to trust specific users and exclude activity from audit trail. This is particularly useful for self-auditing ERP systems such as SAP.



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