SQL compliance manager

Key Features

Powerful and Flexible SQL Server Auditing

bullet Low-overhead data collection - A lightweight agent captures data from the SQL Server trace stream in real-time. Data collected can be streamed to the repository in real-time or in scheduled batches.
bullet Tamper-proof audit data repository - Guarantees the integrity of audit data by providing an immutable repository – all attempts at changing or tampering with the audit data can be detected. In addition, powerful self-auditing features capture and can alert on all changes to auditing policies and data collection parameters.
bullet “Auditor’s Mode” – Users can be granted auditor privileges only. Users in the auditor role have read-only permission. This supports report and query execution as well as self-audit, integrity reporting, and alerting of changes to SQL compliance manager configuration and data collection parameters.
bullet Fine-grained filtering - Powerful filtering capabilities enable you to collect only what is important for audit and compliance; reducing data collection, transmission and storage overhead.
bullet Customised alerting - Provides customized alerting for over 200 specific SQL Server Event types, allowing you to define rules to receive immediate notification when critical SQL server events occur. These events are stored in the audit repository, can be emailed directly to a user and/or written to an event log that feeds an in-house operations monitor system (e.g. MOM).
bullet User-defined event auditing - Supports comprehensive auditing of user-defined events. For example, events can be captured for data changes resulting from INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE activity on tables, or additional application context can be included within your audit trail.
bullet Data auditing - SQL compliance manager enables auditing of data changes on any table so you can compare before and after data values resulting from inserts, updates and deletions.

Enterprise Management Features

bullet Central Management Console - Central console enables rapid configuration and deployment of SQL compliance manager agents as well as real-time monitoring of agent activity and the audit data stream. This makes it easy to manage and track audit activity over a large number of servers.
bullet Central Data Repository - A central repository houses all audit data. The published, user-friendly repository schema enables easy development of queries and custom reports. In addition, multiple repositories may be used where required for security partitioning purposes.
bullet DynamicDeployment™ technology - Automatically deploys and configures the SQL compliance manager agents, enabling rapid deployment and eliminating the need for time consuming software installs on your SQL servers.
bullet Efficient data archive - Built-in archiving mechanisms enable archiving to be scheduled on any frequency and archives can easily be restored to the current audit data repository or a separate repository. Additionally, you can easily leverage SQLsafe, Idera’s high-performance backup solution, to compress and encrypt audit data archives.




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