SQLcheck is a free performance monitoring software for SQL Server databases, providing basic performance information about one SQL Server. SQLcheck runs as a secure screensaver or on demand. Since SQLcheck is free software, it is not supported by Idera’s Technical Support Team.

To see more detailed real-time performance information, receive analysis of performance trends and traffic over time, or to quickly pinpoint long running jobs, worst-performing procedures or other performance bottlenecks, we recommend that you try Idera’s award-winning SQL diagnostic manager product. SQL diagnostic manager provides the most thorough and comprehensive SQL Server solution for performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics available on the market.

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General Issues

Technical Issues

General Issues
Why is Idera offering SQLcheck for free?
SQLcheck introduces new customers to Idera products and offers current and potential customers a perfect introduction to Idera's full line of tools for managing SQL Server.
How can I get SQLcheck?
SQLcheck is available for download via our Web site. Customers must register before downloading the product.
Is SQLcheck a stand-alone product, or is it part of another product?
SQLcheck stands alone and is not dependent on any other Idera product.
When is it available?
SQLcheck is now available for immediate download.
Is SQLcheck supported?
Technical support is only available in the product and on the Idera Web site. Customers can direct comments to SQLcheck@idera.com, Idera cannot commit to providing any resolution; however, Idera may use customer comments in development of the next version.
What is the price?
SQLcheck is FREE.
Is there a SQLcheck datasheet or product manual?
No. SQLcheck's embedded help provides all product information. The Web site at http://www.idera.com/products/sqlcheck.aspx serves as the product datasheet.
What specific diagnostic functions does SQLcheck provide?
SQLcheck organizes critical information about the database server hardware, its operating system and SQL Server itself in a dashboard interface.
What aspects of the SQL Server database does SQLcheck identify?
   Transaction rate
   Buffer cache hit ratio
   Memory grants pending
   Average latch wait time
   Average lock wait time
   Lock timeouts rate
   Database allocation size
   Database allocation percent
   Largest tables
   SQL process list
   SQL error log
   SQL agent jobs
   SQL server configuration
What aspects of the operating system does SQLcheck identify?
   Operating system version
   Service pack level
   Memory paging rate
   Processor use rate
What aspects of the database server hardware does SQLcheck identify?
   Processor model
   Disk transfer rate
   Network transfer rate
What are the prerequisites for SQLcheck?
SQLcheck runs on any Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows XP computer with Internet Explorer version 5 or later installed. The computer should be part of an Active Directory domain. SQLcheck works with SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, and SQL Server 2005 databases.
What Windows security permissions are required to use SQLcheck?
The account you use to run SQLcheck should have administrator privileges on the database server machine.
What SQL Server security permissions are required to use SQLcheck?
Idera recommends using the Windows Integrated Security feature of SQL Server. However, SQLcheck supports both Windows Integrated Security and SQL Server native security. The account you use to run SQLcheck should have "sa" privileges in SQL Server.
Does SQLcheck install any code on a database server?
No. SQLcheck uses only network APIs.
How many machines can SQLcheck work with?
As many as a customer has – one at a time.
Technical Issues
What display resolutions are supported?
SQLcheck is best used on 24-bit color displays with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. The essential elements of the dashboard will fit on an 800 x 600 display, and the product will function in a 256-color environment; however, appearance will be affected in both cases.
What versions of Microsoft SQL Server can be monitored with SQLcheck?
SQLcheck supports Microsoft SQL Server v7.0, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005.
What operating systems does SQLcheck support?
SQLcheck will run on Microsoft Windows 2000 (desktop or server) and Microsoft Windows XP. It can monitor SQL Server database servers running on either Windows 2000 or Windows XP, as well.


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