If you are responsible for Microsoft SQL Server we have an Idera tool that will make your work life easier!

In a few minutes you can review and download tools that will enable you to reduce management time and enhance the availability and security of your SQL Server environment.

Each fully functional tool can be used and evaluated in your environment for at least 14 days. Some are even free forever!

Managing Your Microsoft SQL Server environment:

Idera's SQL Server tools are designed to have minimum impact on your SQL Servers, they can be installed in minutes and are easy to use regardless of your SQL Server experience. If you:

  • don't have time for regular SQL Server health checks - SQLdm does them 24/7

  • need to analyse performance issues - try SQLdm

  • want to know who has changed data or schema - catch them with SQLcm

  • just need a neat set of tools to make life easier - try SQL admin toolset

  • want to know who can access what on your SQL Servers - get shocked by SQLsecure

  • want to automate index defragmentation - try SQL defrag manager

  • have issues managing SQL Server database backups -  it's easy with SQLsafe

Using or Learning PowerShell?

Idera's PowerShellPlus Professional is a powerful interactive scripting environment designed to help administrators and developers learn and master Windows PowerShell.


As Idera's Master Distributor for the APAC Region - SQL Tools provides sales support and pre and post sales technical support  to Idera tool evaluators, users and our authorised Channel Partner Resellers in the South East Asia & Asia Pacific regions

Idera's SQL Server tools include: SQL diagnostic manager, SQLsafe, SQLsecure, SQL compliance manager, SQL defrag manager, SQL comparison toolset , SQL admin toolset, SQLcheck, SQLpermissions.

Idera's tool for Microsoft PowerShell is PowerShellPlus

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